Terms and conditions for using Cloud services from EVRY

1. Ordering services

Ordering services via the web is deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions. If a customer uses services without an express agreement being in place, the person is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

2. Support

The Customer can perform most tasks related to setting up a subscription, changes and terminations via administrator user in the control panel. All tasks that the Customer can perform in the control panel, but would like the supplier to perform, will be charged at NOK 300 per 15 minutes.

3. Billing

The set-up charge is billed with the first subscription invoice. The customer is billed in advance for fixed charges. Different instalment periods may be agreed in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions, but these shall always be in advance. The subscription is billed from the date the services are made available to the Customer.

4. Termination

Customers without a binding agreement may terminate subscriptions at any time. The Customer will be billed up until and including the month in which the notice of termination is received by the supplier. Domains have a lock-in period of 1 year and are renewable for one year at a time if notice of termination is not received by the supplier at least 1 month before the new period starts.

5. Terms of use for vServer

5.1. Operational responsibility

EVRY’s operational responsibilities relating to vServer are limited to the following:

  • Keeping the hardware platform operative
  • Providing network access to/from the Internet for vServer
All operation, administration and fault localisation of the vServer operating system and installed applications are the Customer’s responsibility. Where the Customer requires support in relation to fault localisation on vServer, and the fault does not lie with EVRY, the Customer will be billed on an hourly basis. The Customer is billed according to current rates, see Section 2. EVRY cannot, in such cases, guarantee a solution to the problem as we do not have operational responsibility for the Customer’s vServer and its applications and content.

5.2. Security

The Customer is responsible for the security of vServer. The administrator/root password shall be changed by the Customer immediately upon delivery of vServer. The Customer is responsible for keeping the server updated with security patches. vServer is connected directly to the Internet where no traffic is blocked from/to the Internet. For security reasons, any local firewalls on vServer should, therefore, always be switched on.

5.3. Licence restrictions

The Customer agrees to comply with applicable licence terms for the operating system that is supplied with vServer.

6. Administration of domains

EVRY acts as Registrar for the Customer in relation to registration, management and deletion of domains. EVRY is the Registrar for most top-level domains in the world, and different rules are applicable to each of these domains. For Norwegian domains (.no), refer to the applicable rules at NORID: and

For other top-level domains, contact EVRY at When ordering and deleting domains, the Customer accepts EVRY’s general terms and conditions: Cloudservices The ordering, changing and deleting of domains is done via EVRY’s customer portal by the Customer’s administrator.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the actions performed by the administrator are correct, and EVRY bears no responsibility for the actions taken by the Customer’s administrator. Whois: The Customer is responsible for ensuring that information about the domain, addresses, Legal-C and other information on Whois (database of top-level domain) is up-to-date and correct. Changes required by the Customer should be sent to EVRY at Contact

7. Termination of services

EVRY can block the Customer's access to services if the customer:

  • Utilizes multiple users on the service than what was agreed via subscription
  • Perform unwanted intrusion into services provided by guessing password etc.
  • Violate or attempting to violate the security or interfere with data traffic
  • Acting in conflict with applicable laws or regulations adopted for customs and practices online
  • Otherwise grossly abusing services, including utilizing the services to harass
Before closing the services the customer shall be notified in writing and given the opportunity to comment on the matter. The notification shall state the reason and set a deadline for remedying the situation. If the security of the network is at risk, the cloasing of services can be made without prior notice. Customer shall in such cases as soon as possible be notified about the closure.


EVRY may terminate the agreement upon material breach by the customer.

EVRY General Contract Terms


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